16 Sep 2020


The creation of the website that you're on right now.

Purpose of making this website

I wanted a place where I could display and show off some of the cool things I’ve done in a more informal sense. My goal is to keep it updated throughout the remainder of my time in college with personal and school projects as well as maybe some more random activities which I thought would be interesting enough to share.

Right now, these posts will probably all be similar to this one, just with text and not much else. Hopefully by the end of 2020 I will be able to outfit my projects with some form of interesting, interactive way to use them from right there within this website.

Template and Design

For this website, I used a Jekyll template, and hosted it off of a GitHub repo (which you can check out if you would like to in the footer section of the page). Using the Atom text editor, which has both git and GitHub built in, really made the process of updating and adding to the website really easy. Throughout the process of figuring out what things to change, I definitely learned a lot about how HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Markdown can all work together.